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Welcome to Sithonia

Updated: Feb 28

In Northern Greece, Sithonia is a peninsula that is part of the larger peninsula named Halkidiki. Kassandra to the west, Sithonia in the center, and Mount Athos to the east make up the three legs of Halkidiki. Sithonia hosts about 100 beaches, the majority of which have blue flags, Caribbean white sand, and azure water. Moreover, some of them are regarded as the purest seas in the world. Sithonia is frequently referred to as the "Greek Caribbean gem". Sithonia is a hidden Greek gem that is yet undiscovered by mainstream tourism. It is wild and lovely, full of trees and undiscovered, magnificent beaches. Sithonia is the ideal location for adventure seekers, real thrill seekers, and all of us who love to spend the summer vacation on untamed beaches and take in the freedom and beauty of nature.

Sithonia houses Halkidiki's some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Enjoy your vacation in Sithonia, and let us assist you in making the best decision. What makes Sithonia so unique is the fact that it is still a mystery that is only now being revealed. Sithonia is a peaceful backwater with breath-taking natural beauty and no tourists, similar to Greece in the 1970s. It can take you some days if you want to relax and discover all its secrets!

Where to stay in Sithonia?

We have some of the best luxury properties in Sithonia, so you can have a wonderful stay here!

The middle peninsula of Halkidiki, Sithonia, has everything needed for a relaxing and exciting vacation. Even though there aren't as many beach bars in Sithonia as there are in Kassandra, night owls aren't ignored either. Sithonia will delight you if you enjoy a beautiful and varied natural environment.

There are many different locations that travelers can pick from, including campgrounds, and each one is charming in its own special manner. You will be enthralled by the architecture and atmosphere in every resort or village, including Neos Marmaras, Agios Nikolaos, Vourvourou, Metamorphossi, and more.

The town of Parthenonas is one of Sithonia's most fascinating destinations. On the slopes of Mount Itamos, it offers stone homes, amiable taverns, a museum, views of the sea, and particularly lovely sunsets. A great place for mountain trekkers to stop.

It's possible to have a memorable culinary experience in Porto Koufo village. You may eat freshly caught fish in its taverns, which are located around 25 kilometers south of Neos Marmaras.

As you proceed, you enter a beautiful natural setting where the surrounding vegetation and the blue sea seamlessly meld together. Numerous tiny, isolated golden beaches that are encircled by trees and other plants add to the beautiful oneness. On Sithonia, it's not impossible to locate a beach all to yourself. Find the Kavourotypes and Orange Beach, which are among the most stunning.

The peninsula's unending attractiveness is enhanced by tiny harbours and fishing villages. One of the most magnificent natural areas in Greece and beyond, Sithonia alternates between deep forests, olive groves, and charming meadows.

The Toroneos Swimming Marathon for swimming professionals, which begins in Kallithea (Kassandra) and concludes in Nikiti (Sithonia), is a must-attend event for athletes and partygoers. When the first's 26-kilometer marathon is finished, the second's two-day celebrations begin.

The enthusiasts of a stunning beach who also enjoy amateur sports should travel to Vourvourou. You may explore nine islands and abundant underwater animals by kayaking, scuba diving, or renting a boat, with a neighboring mountain covered in dense forest serving

as a backdrop.

Get out of your comfort zone and be daring, astonishment awaits you! Mountainous Sithonia provides more than simply beaches and the only certain thing is that it will be difficult to pick your favourite spot in Sithonia.

How to travel to Sithonia?

If you want to travel by plane, Sithonia is around 130km away from the nearest international airport which is in . You should begin your journey by renting a car once you arrive in Thessaloniki (the region's hub for Northern Greece), and then take the 24 Greece National Road while adhering to the signage for Halkidiki. When you reach Nea Moudania, take the exit towards Sithonia at the crossroads. It doesn't matter which of the two roads you take when you get to the Sithonia peninsula, east (toward Vourvourou and Sarti) or west (toward Neos Marmaras, as they both lead you around the peninsula. Visit all these stunning locations and beaches nearby for at least 4-5 days: Nikiti, Neos Marmaras, Armenistis, Orange Beach, Sarti, Toroni, Ormos Panagias, Kalamitsi Thalatta. Take a break from these lovely beaches to explore some of the nearby old settlements, such as Sykia, Old Nikiti, Parthenonas, etc.

An additional piece of advice is that the most beautiful beaches are typically only reachable by boat rather than by automobile. Rent a boat for the day and explore some interesting beaches, where you will likely have the entire, idyllic sandy beach to yourself and your group. It's not that bad, does it?

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