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The best properties
in Sithonia Greece

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Sithonia is located in the middle peninsula and has similar natural beauty to Cassandra. While touring the Sithonia region, you will have the chance to admire endless magical landscapes, picturesque tiny ports, wonderful golden beaches, secluded bays next to silver olive groves, green pastures, thick forests, peaceful fishing villages, but excellent architecture in houses and churches as well.

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The rooms our agency provides fulfill all the requirements for a premium, unforgettable journey in the tourist sector. Years of experience have enabled us to select the ideal beds in the whole of Sithonia at the most reasonable prices to cover all budgets.

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Sithonia maisonette 2
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Our maisonettes located in the most beautiful tourist spots of Sithonia by the sea, offer breathtaking views. We ensure a memorable stay.


Our apartments will certainly impress you with their perfect aesthetics, sense of utter luxury and magical view. We only offer top quality.

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Our very carefully selected villas, own perfect aesthetics and positive energy. They will have you indulge in the magic of luxury and privacy.

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